DEXTER Season 8 Teaser Trailer

dexter season 8

Dexter Season is 8 is upon us and being its huge fan I must say actors and script is seasoned on the show and it is going strong there is no sense of commercialism and the bling factor is not present in the show, It has its rivals like the new British contender Ripper Street and the new Hannibal which got a lot of applause and critic reviews for its first episode but still, the show stands out in the crowd and we have even the greater hopes for the season 8.

“I’ve always been a very neat monster but lately the truth has begun to spill,” Michael C. Hall’s title character says in the video titled “The Full Picture”, which shows a blood painting of Dexter’s face. “And too many people have seen the full picture. I’m losing control. And the only thing I know for sure is that it isn’t going to be pretty,” he admits.

dexter season 8



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