Die Hard 5 Best Scenes

One of our best scenes from “A Good Day To Die Hard” And all-time favorite Villain.

Well, that’s a bit hard to choose the best scenes and pain to pick a villain because we believe that John Mc Clane was made by their badass villains.

If it wasn’t for Joker or Bain, Batman didn’t have the grounds to prove himself what he is, Same goes for Mr.McClane villains make heroes so it’s very critical to build a true badass villain for the kick-ass hero.

Scenes We Like From The Newest KickAss Die Hard Movie.

“I am not gonna die today “

“Need A Hug”

Car chases are the winners in every movie and it’s hard to pull it off just right.

But here it’s just awesome and it’s shot on real streets and not on set’s (not with real people on the road)

The Best Villain From Any DieHard Movie Is :

Hans Gruber, ‘Die Hard’

When you have a voice like Alan Rickman’s, you are halfway to play a villain. As a terrorist Hans Gruber, Rickman proved that you don’t have to get your hands dirty to be an effective villain. Hans Gruber was quite the mastermind, though, assembling a team capable of breaking through several high-level security measures to infiltrate the main vault in search of hundreds of millions of dollars of negotiable bearer bonds.

On the way, he personally killed Joseph Takagi, the company CEO, and was deft enough to keep both the hostages and his own crew together while distractions like McClane were running around the building screwing things up for him. At one point, Hans would find himself on the wrong side of the building, coming face-to-face with McClane himself and pretending to be a company employee. It wasn’t entirely believable, but it was strong enough to buy himself the opportunity to get back with his German compadres and into winning our Best DieHard Villain Award.

alan rickman

Alan Rickman – Die Hard – The Hans-Gruber-Story

Die Hard 5 Behind The Scenes Photos :

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