Different Apps to Edit Your Astrophotography Pictures


Have you ever seen the sky full of stars at night? Do you know that there are so many photographers around the world who capture eye-catching pictures of these beautiful skies? For that, these extremely professional and skilled individuals invest a lot of time to catch a shot that can get them the fame and satisfaction of a lifetime.

Also, these guys spend a lot of gadgets that are needed to be attached to the camera to get them the perfect Astrophotography shot. These gadgets mainly include a Canon, Sony, or Nikon Camera, a power lense like Canon EF L 70-200m f/2.8, Tamron 45 mm f/1.8, Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and the 24 mm f/1.4, Tripod Stands, star trackers and telescopes and many other gadgets

To get an idea about astrophotography and everything that is included in it, you can have a look at the different programs that air on the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic where they air shows about different aspects of nature and experts who capture some breathtaking photographs of animals, exotic flora and different cultures around the world.

If you are a Spectrum user or have Spectrum services in your area, you can ask Spectrum TV customer service if these channels are part of Spectrum’s Channel Lineup. If you are someone who has a thing for astrophotography, you can have a look at the different Astrophotography apps that you can use to edit pictures on your smartphone.


Photo Pill

The app gets you an edge when it comes to DSLR astrophotography and even if you are a phone photographer. It can help you get more creative with your photography and turn any picture of a Sun, Moon or Milky Way scene into a picture. The app is suitable for almost anybody who has a passion for photography and will get you some beautiful shots for landscape photography at night. The app is going to let you explore your creative artist using features like an Alignment Finder for the Sun and the Moon, you can use 2D Augmented Reality tech and Photo Plans Manager. Also, the app is very useful for people who want to capture Long Exposure Shots, Time Lapses and use other techniques for your astrophotography.


Celestron’s SkyPortal

The app redefines experiencing the night sky and gets you an opportunity to explore the Solar System and other astral bodies in space. You can connect the app to a Celestron WiFi telescope that is compatible with the app and it can automatically point the telescope to an object present in the database and get details on it. The Planetarium Features help you stimulate the night sky and get insights on them at different times. Also, you can hold your device up to the sky using the Compass Mode which works with different compatible devices. All of this and more comes to you using this Android And iOS app.


ProCam X

The app is one of the most used apps that turns your phone into a professional camera and gets you full control over different aspects of photography. You can use the app to control your picture’s ISO, focus, exposure, and white balance, and use features like Intervalometer, Burst shooting mode, the ability to set the custom bitrate for videos, geotagging and so many other features.  


ProCamera – iOS Only

This is one of the most widely used photos and video camera apps that is used by iPhone users for over a decade now. The app is very easy to use and works as a multifunctional application that is ideal for special occasions. You can find DSLR-level features using the app but also you can use the app to record videos and edit photos as well. You can use features like exposure control and independent focus, ProRAW capture & editing, Portrait Mode to create a bokeh depth of field effect, Apple Watch remote control, and many other features that you can use to enhance your astrophotography pictures.

Apart from that, the app gets you some amazing features for your video recordings including high Bitrate recording, audiometer, and many other features that can add to your Astrophotography shots.



This is one of the most used apps used by astrophotographers, explorers, and astronomers who want to get weather forecasts for the North American region. Since Astrophotography requires a clear view of the night sky, the app provides them with a clear picture of the weather, overlaying clouds, data regarding light pollution, and many other dynamics. Apart from that, you can precise timings for sunset and sunrise and set times and rise times for the moon, notifications that are customized for your favorite locations, and many other features.

We can conclude here by saying that astrophotography is a very tricky way to capture star trails, capture the night sky, and in many other outdoor settings. You can use the apps mentioned above to enhance your shots and create photography masterpieces and become a published photographer.

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