Digital Art Part One

Films are a great source of entertainment for the young and not-so-young alike, but not only do they entertain us, but movies are often also a good source of inspiration for graphic artists and illustrators. Although there are quite a lot of fantastic blockbusters filled with stunning special effects and compelling stories, I wanted to focus on Inception, a brilliant sci-fi film packed with loads of mind-bending graphics and scenery one can only fabricate deep in the mind

In the movie Inception, everyone has a task to perform. In order to plant an idea into someone else’s mind, the “architect” has to design a dream, a maze-like world that defies the laws of physics and delivers a concept into the dreamer’s mind. Well, isn’t that what graphic artists and illustrators do all the time? Perhaps not in the form of dreams and thoughts but through their art.

We often see on publications and on the Internet fascinating artwork and illustrations, works that defy reality, and transport us into a world we have never seen before. Just as it is in the film, today’s artists will stop at nothing to plant their visions and ideas into our minds, their dreams become ours, and their visions are forever printed on our memories.

With so many powerful tools available to the brain and hand of the artist, they can now design and build mind-blowing worlds where the elements of nature, the laws of physics, and time and space are blended into fantasy and illusion. But what is the final product? Inception. An idea, a concept, a world that only existed in their minds now exists in ours and although we might forget about it, our subconscious shall never forget it, in other words, the “architect” has fulfilled the mission.

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