Disney Animator Debunks Dirty Easter Eggs in Classic Animated Movies

mulan_easter egg

In Corridor Crew‘s new video Animators React, They got the animator Tom Bancroft to talk about some of the movies he’s worked on over the years including The Lion King, Mulan, and VeggieTales.

During the video, he was asked about Disney’s tendency to put Easter eggs in the backdrop of shots that might otherwise be less visually engaging. It’s at this point he says that all of the “dirty” Easter eggs that people talk about are “false.”

“Sometimes we do add some things. All of them are innocent. The ones that everyone kind of hangs onto are the ones where they’re ‘dirty,’ right? Almost all of those are false, and we can talk about that another time and dig deep into that.”

Maybe some of them are sad and tragic coincidences, but I don’t know. I wish he would have gone into more detail describing those things! Watch this episode below:

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