Disney Princesses As Fighting Warriors

This is an awesome collection of Disney princess-inspired art that reimagines the princesses as different fighting warrior women. This is fun idea for an art series that was executed by DeviantArt artist joshwmc. Check out the collection of art below and tell us what you think.

“Cinderella. This was a lot of fun to do coz it gave me an excuse to redo her backstory to turn her into a ninja warrior. I looked at all the promo artwork for Street Fighter 4 and tried to emulate the style of the illustrations whilst also trying to keep the look of the Disney character.

I’ve never really tried doing Manga style artwork before so this was a bit challenging at first but I think it’s not too bad for a first effort. Done in Painter and Photoshop in about 6-7 hours.” 

“Rapunzel’s new backstory is that she’s an imprisoned sorceress who manages to escape her solitary confinement. I’m much happier with this one compared to the last one, in fact, I think I might go back and fix Mulan coz I wasn’t in the right mood when designing that one. I desperately wanted to find a way to add her frying pan but numerous attempts failed to find a solution.”

“Snow White, possibly the sweetest and most innocent of Disney’s leading ladies, so let’s give her a complete 180 degree make over. Now she a Lisbeth Salander inspired tough girl who learned her street fighting skills growing up in the decaying suburbs of a desolate city overrun by the Seven Drug Lords.”

“Ariel. This went through a couple of variations before I finally settled for a sort of coral armor look. Her altered back story is now that Ariel sold her voice to the sea witch to become a fierce human warrior in order to participate in a global fighting tournament.”

“Jasmine. Her new back story is Jasmine enters a fighting tournament in order to avoid an arranged marriage and prove to her father the Sultan she herself is capable of leading her kingdom. Took a bit of fiddling around to get this one looking right, got all the way to the end before realizing I made her outfit far too green compared to her animated costume which is more cyan, so had to do some color correcting with Photoshop.”

“Belle who I’ve turned into a Muay Thai kickboxer. Her new back story is Belle turned to self-defense after being kidnapped and held hostage when she was younger, she’s now a world champion kick-boxer. I actually used a shot of Gina Carano as a reference for this which had the right kind of energy I was looking for in a pose.”

“Pocahontas. In her new back story, Pocahontas is an environmental activist and the descendant of a great Powhatan warrior, she enters the fighting tournament to literally fight for nature. This was a bit tricky to get right, spent a while just trying to get the right pose, eventually settling for this stance which I think works well.”

“Tiana from Princess and the Frog, who altered back story is now she’s a military soldier who’s entered the fighting tournament to prove she is capable of commanding her own unit. This was the trickiest of the characters so far mostly due to her original dress color. Went through 3 alteration and character designs before settling on this military look.”

“Aurora. Her back story is now she’s a professional wrestler called Briar Rose who goes by the in-ring name of Aurora. Took me a while to figure out what to do with the character, had ideas for all other characters except her for the longest time. It wasn’t until I noticed a resemblance between the character and WWE wrestler Michelle McCool when the idea finally came, so I referenced Michelle for this.”

“Mulan, given she was already a kick arse warrior to begin with this proved a bit of a challenge to reinterpret her. Ultimately took some ideas from both Chun-Li and Kitana and turned her into an assassin who’s a master of disguise. I lost count of how long this took because didn’t feel like completing it which resulted in mistakes so I’m not that happy with the final product.”

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