Disney Studios Video Tour Revealed The Hidden Tunnels Under The Buildings

Disney Studios Hidden Tunnels

Not many have known about the mysterious tunnels underneath the original animation buildings at Walt Disney Studios, but there are tunnels under the buildings and this new video by Disney Parks, Walt Disney Archives Director Becky Cline gives a tour of the underground tunnels and it’s super awesome to watch.

In the video, Cline talks about why the tunnels are there and the reason why they were created under the original Disney animation buildings and why they included underground tunnels.

The truth that there are tunnels under the buildings is a very strange notion because I have seen tunnels in movies, especially in Beverly Hills Cop III.

And back to the real world, The tunnels allowed animators at the time of traditional hand animation to move animation cels from one building to another without exposing them to the outside environment and keep the animation safe.

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