Disney’s PETER PAN & WENDY 15 Character Posters Released


Disney has recently revealed a dazzling collection of fifteen stunning character posters for the upcoming live-action Peter Pan & Wendy movie, directed by David Lowery. The posters provide an exciting glimpse into the world of Neverland, and the characters that we can expect to see in the film.

While we’ve already had the pleasure of watching the movie trailer, these posters take things up a notch by offering a closer look at each character and their unique personalities. Peter Pan & Wendy is a timeless tale that follows a young girl who, against her parents’ wishes to attend boarding school, embarks on a journey to Neverland with her two younger brothers. Once there, they meet a boy who refuses to grow up, a tiny fairy, an evil pirate captain, and embark on an epic and dangerous adventure far away from home.

The movie features a star-studded cast that includes Ever Anderson as Wendy, Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, Jude Law as Captain Hook, and Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell. Other notable cast members include Molly Parker as Mrs. Darling, Alan Tudyk as Mr. Darling, Joshua Pickering as John, Jacobi Jupe as Michael, Alyssa Wapanatank as Tiger Lily, and Jim Gaffigan as Smee.

With such an incredible cast and talented director at the helm, Peter Pan & Wendy is sure to be a must-see movie for fans of all ages. Get ready to experience the magic and wonder of Neverland like never before!

The movie hits Disney+ on April 28th, 2023.

When talking about making the movie, Lowery said: “In making Peter Pan & Wendy, we set out to craft a film that honors both the original J.M. Barrie text and Walt Disney’s animated adaptation; we wanted to invigorate our retelling with emotional sincerity, an open heart, and a grand yearning for adventure. Hundreds of incredible artists spent many years bringing this film to the screen; I’m excited for audiences to see their work, to go on this ride, and to rediscover an evergreen tale from a new perspective.”

He also talked about his vision “The Revenant with flying kids,” and explained: “I hesitate to use the word grounded because it has fairies and flying children in it. But when I went to talk to the studio about it I was like ‘What if we stay true to the original material, remove the problematic elements of both the novel and the animated film of course, but then treat it like The Revenant. What if we made The Revenant with flying kids?’ And they were into it. It’s not 100% like that but it’s sort of the ethos by which we’ve gone about making it….That was sort of the idea, have it be visceral, have it be grounded, it’s still joyful, it’s still full of exuberance and magic, so that’s why I don’t like to use the word ‘grounded.’”

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