Disney’s TOWER OF TERROR Movie Details Revealed


Disney started developing a movie in 2015 that was based on the famous Disney attraction The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. The project never went ahead and stuck for a while, but it sounds like an interesting movie.

Big Fish and Frankenweenie writer John August wrote the script for the movie, and he now revealed on Twitter what kind of movie Tower of Terror could’ve been. He also revealed the plot details and preliminary art.

“In this week’s Inneresting, we look at movies that were never made. I shared my boards for the Tower of Terror movie I pitched at Disney back in 2015.

“The central conceit was that the building’s elevator moves through time. A 1920 band leader and a 2020 urban spelunker have to escape through many eras of LA history, stretching back to the Stone Age.

“It was a little Time Bandits, a little Groundhog Day, a little Back to the Future. I think it would have been fun. But it wasn’t what Disney wanted. (And then the ride closed.)

“Never-made movies — I have a bunch of ’em — are like friends from camp. You don’t think about them at all, but then when you’re reminded, it’s a happy jolt of nostalgia.”


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