This Disturbing Prank App Tells Children It’s Going To Kill Them

Prank App

If you don’t know, there are full grown twisted adults who think it’s funny to frighten unknown young children. In one of the ghastliest subcultures on the internet, In this community of people who make interesting or horrifying content and hide it as children’s material so that some kid finds it one day and is scarred for life. Below, you will find one of those disturbing apps.

I agree while it might scare a child badly, I don’t even know what the guy making this was going for. Who says “whirly twirly,” when they’re trying to be scary or terrifying? What’s more horrifying is that someone wasted a lot of time and effort creating an app designed for children, and all that for a cheap scare. Watch the video below which will showcase the app and let me know what you think about such people and the app.

Bottom line Don’t let your kids have a free pass on the internet. Always supervise.

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