Do I Need Legal Advice as a Pro Gamer?

Video games are electronic games played on electronic devices, such as computers. Some games allow individual players to compete against the program, while others enable multiple players to collaborate against other teams.

Professional gamers are gamers who earn an income playing video games. Some work as testers, checking new software to ensure it performs correctly. Others stream their gameplay for subscribers. Pro gamers may also compete in esports tournaments. No matter what type of pro gamer you are, you may need legal advice while establishing and operating your business. Let’s look at what being a professional gamer involves and some of the reasons pro gamers might need legal services.


A business lawyer can help you establish your business.

Lawyers are legal experts who have a law degree and a law license. They specialize in multiple legal fields, such as family law, business law, and copyright law.

Any potential client can access lawyers free advice via a free consultation. Lawyers allow potential clients to ask legal questions to ensure they can serve the client’s needs before taking their case. You benefit from this process because you’ll ensure you feel confident with the attorney you hire. You can use a legal referral program to access free legal advice from attorneys who provide the type of legal help you need.

While there are multiple reasons anyone may need to consult a lawyer, pro gamers can benefit from talking to a business lawyer. Business lawyers provide relevant information about regulations that apply to your business operations. They review contracts, ensuring your legal rights are protected before you enter legal agreements. Pro gamers include influencers who may promote products for clients and competitive gamers who enter esports tournaments. Your business attorney can help you navigate agreements with sponsors and help you address any legal issues that arise.


Using the wrong resources could lead to legal issues.

Suppose your professional goal is to join a high-ranking League of Legends (LOL) team and enter esports tournaments with your team. To prepare for this opportunity, you may turn to reputable resources to learn how to play like League of Legends junglers. League of Legends players may play as mid, bot, top laners, or jugglers. You can play as a tank or carry jungler, and it helps to understand the difference between these jungles and how they benefit overall gameplay. Gaming guides can help you evaluate your role options when mastering games such as League of Legends.

While using free advice from reputable gaming resource sites is legal, some sites offer game cheats. Riot Games and Bungie Inc. filed a lawsuit against GatorCheats, one of the companies producing gaming cheats. If your pro-gaming aspirations involve creating a cheat site, you may need an attorney to help you negotiate a settlement. It’s a good idea for competitive gamers to avoid cheat sites to ensure they avoid any potential legal complications stemming from lawsuits.


Your lawyer can protect you from misunderstandings and disputes.

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, such as League of Legends, involve teams playing against other teams. To compete in an esports tournament, you must join a ranking LOL team.

Joining a team should involve entering a legal agreement. When you take time to clarify the grounds for removal from the team or conflict resolution, you protect yourself from being replaced without warning or cause. You can also ensure you receive a fair share of prize earnings and sponsorship funds your team receives. The best way to avoid conflict within the team involves protecting your legal rights from the start.

Suppose your team needs to fire an employee or team member or cancel a work contract. In that case, your lawyer will explain your legal options, ensuring you make the best decision possible and protect your team’s legal interests.

Pro gamers earn money playing video games. There are multiple reasons pro gamers may need to consult a lawyer. A business lawyer can help you set up your business operations and review contracts, ensuring any contracts you enter are fair and legal. Your lawyer can also help you navigate business disputes and lawsuits.

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