Doctor Who 50th trailer

Here’s when we’ll finally get to see that Doctor Who 50th trailer

Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special Poster Revealed

You’ve been waiting, but the time is nigh upon us.

Remember San Diego Comic-Con this year? And do you remember that the people packed into Hall H got some preview footage for the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor”?

That was nice for them.

But, ever since that fateful day, the rest of us have been pulling out our hair and wondering — WHEN, GOD? WHEN’S GONNA BE MY TIME?

Relax. The day is nearly here.

It’s been confirmed that the annual fundraiser event for Children in Need will, indeed, be showing some footage from “The Day of the Doctor.” The benefit airs on Nov. 15. That’s only two weeks away.

So the question is — do you still want the sneak peek? Or, at this point, are you going to remain spoiler-free?

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