The Doctor Who LEGO Set is Too Good To Be True

 Doctor Who LEGO Set

Video game artist Andrew Clark, who is a Lego enthusiast pitch his ides of this Dr Who Lego set to LEGO Ideas, the site where fan creations have a very slim chance at becoming official play sets. Clark submitted his work in February of 2014. It gained the 10,000 votes needed to be considered by the LEGO Ideas board, and one year later it was approved.

The set was released earlier this month, The set comes with four minifigures and two Daleks, which are essentially mini-kit builds. It got the 12th and current Doctor, Peter Capaldi. The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, is looking dapper in tiny form. Their mutual companion Clara is present—sadly the set does not come with a crow made of smoke to remedy that — it wouldn’t be Doctor Who without two of the series’ most frightening enemies. You can also check the Lego Dimensions set over here.

Source: Kotaku


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