Doctor Who Regeneration Compiled in One Amazing Montage

Doctor Who Regeneration

Celebrating 53rd annual Doctor Who DayBBC has compiled a single montage for Doctor Who, each and every one of the Doctor‘s regeneration’s commencing with William Hartnell transforming into Patrick Troughton in 1966 and concluding with Peter Capaldi appearing where Matt Smith once stood in 2013.

William Hartnell (The Tenth Planet – 1966)
Patrick Troughton (The War Games – 1969)
Jon Pertwee (Planet of the Spiders – 1974)
Tom Baker (Logopolis – 1981)
Peter Davison (The Caves of Androzani – 1984)
Colin Baker (Time and the Rani – 1987)
Sylvester McCoy (The TV Movie – 1996)
Paul McGann (The Night of the Doctor – 2013)
John Hurt (The Day of the Doctor – 2013)
Christopher Eccleston (The Parting of the Ways – 2005)
David Tennant (The End of Time – 2010)
Matt Smith (The Time of the Doctor – 2013)

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