Doctor Who Season 10 Behind-The-Scenes Video

Doctor Who Season 10

BBC has released a new video with a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Doctor Who season 10. Peter Capaldi talks about how this season “boils the show down to the basic elements.” We also learn from Moffat that this is sort of an opening over point for the show, he even kids about the title of the first episode of Doctor Who season 10 being called, “The Pilot.”

Moffat talks about this upcoming new season. He says, “They’re just flung into that universe and told to deal with it. To become heroes because they’re flung into that moment where you have no alternative. That being a hero is about that time when you need to be a hero.” Mackie tells us that this is a good starting point for people who haven’t watched the show yet since we’re coming in with Bill’s fresh eyes on everything.

Daleks will come back in this season, the Ice Warriors and the Mondasian Cybermen who haven’t been seen in 50 years, when they first appeared on season 1. We’re also getting Emojibots in Doctor Who season 10. John Simms recently confirmed his return to the series as The Master. As Michelle Gomez who plays Missy, the current regeneration of The Master, is still on the show this season, this should make things exciting for the Doctor.

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