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Doctor Who

Doctor Who, the long-running British sci-fi series, is gearing up for a much-anticipated reboot with its newest star, Ncuti Gatwa from “Sex Education.” While fans have to wait until November of this year for the latest episodes, the glimpses provided by recently circulating set photos suggest that this season might be the most stylish and, dare I say, sexiest yet.

For those unfamiliar with Doctor Who, the show revolves around The Doctor, a time-and-space-traveling alien, and their human companions as they embark on wild and wacky adventures throughout the universe. The series first aired on the BBC way back in 1963, but it faced a hurdle early on when the original lead, William Hartnell, fell ill. Showrunners ingeniously devised a solution: The Doctor can regenerate into a different person instead of dying. Patrick Troughton took over from Hartnell, and the show continued its remarkable journey.

Since then, there have been 14 different actors portraying The Doctor, including notable names like David Tennant from “Good Omens” and Matt Smith from the “Game of Thrones” spin-off “House of the Dragon.” Jodie Whittaker, known for her role in “Broadchurch,” became the first woman to take on the iconic role. Now, Ncuti Gatwa, recognized for his work in “Sex Education,” is set to become the 15th Doctor and the first man of color to step into the TARDIS. During Whittaker’s tenure, it was also revealed that Jo Martin portrayed a different version of the Doctor, adding an intriguing twist to the show’s lore.

As a fan of Doctor Who since its revival in 2005, I have followed the series through its ups and downs. However, I must admit that I lost interest during Peter Capaldi’s tenure. Even the groundbreaking casting of Whittaker as the first female Doctor couldn’t entice me to return. However, with Gatwa’s upcoming season, things are looking promising, and it’s not just because beloved former showrunner Russell T. Davies is making a comeback. Doctor Who seems to be embracing a new level of sexiness.

Doctor Who

Set photos, both official and unofficial, have been making the rounds, revealing an impressive wardrobe that surpasses anything we’ve seen in the franchise thus far. Gatwa and his companions, portrayed by Millie Gibson from “Coronation Street” and Jonathan Groff from “The Matrix Resurrections,” don sleek ’60s-era outfits as well as elegant Regency-style gowns and suits. The wig department at the BBC has also upped its game, as Gatwa sports a magnificent afro in one look and stylish long sideburns in another.

Beyond the period-specific attire, Gatwa’s Doctor showcases an extensive collection of outfits, ranging from a stunning camel-colored leather trench coat to a cool black biker jacket. Traditionally, each Doctor has their own distinctive uniform, wearing it in almost every episode with minimal variation. David Tennant sported a brown pin-striped suit and Converse All-Stars, while Christopher Eccleston rocked an all-black ensemble with a leather jacket. Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor had royal blue cropped suspenders and a t-shirt. Despite their time-traveling adventures, the Doctors rarely deviated from their signature looks, making it refreshing to witness the 15th Doctor embracing change.

It has always puzzled me why the Doctor hasn’t made more use of the TARDIS’s extensive wardrobe during their travels. Why not don petticoats in the 18th century or don a pair of denim flares at Woodstock? With such a vast closet at their disposal, why stick to the same outfit day in and day out?

Traditionally, the Doctor’s fashion choices leaned towards the goofy, campy, or overtly British, but they were never particularly sexy (though Christopher Eccleston’s leather jacket came close—Matt Smith even sported a fez, for goodness’ sake). Whittaker’s Doctor dressed in a manner reminiscent of a child who picked out their own clothes, likely an attempt to preempt endless complaints from traditional Doctor Who fans about her gender. However, Gatwa’s looks exude a fresh, youthful style and undeniable sexiness that the series has never seen before, and it’s a welcome addition.

One paparazzi photo captured Gatwa on set, wearing the leather trench coat with a collared zip-up shirt underneath, daringly unzipped to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of his chest. In another photo, he’s seen riding on the back of a scooter, donning a leather jacket, white tee, and blue jeans. This Doctor is undeniably hot, not in the amusing, rubbery British way that made me develop an irrational crush on David Tennant, but in a genuinely sexy manner.

Gatwa’s Doctor appears poised to breathe new life into a series that has occasionally struggled with stagnation. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating the return of Doctor Who. The 60th anniversary special, featuring David Tennant reprising his role, is set to air this November, followed by Gatwa’s season in 2024. The future looks bright for this iconic show, and it’s about time the Doctor brought sexy back to the TARDIS.

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