Doctor Who Takes Over Heathrow Airport

Doctor Who Takes Over Heathrow Airport

According to a press release sent out this morning: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the show has teamed up with Heathrow airport to bring a little Time Lord excitement into the lives of airport passengers. It may not be bigger on the inside, but London’s Heathrow Airport is pretty darn big on its own!

So, what does this takeover entail?

From today, passengers travelling through Heathrow in London will be treated to a variety of exciting Doctor Who themed experiences including: appearances from the famous Cybermen, TARDIS photo booths, genuine props and memorabilia, and augmented reality experiences…

On July 16 travelers through Terminal 5 will be able to enjoy special performances by the London Philharmonic Orchestra of music from the iconic BBC Wales produced series.

In addition, Doctor Who novelist Jenny Colgan, author of the recently released Doctor Who: Dark Horizons will also be signing books for fans on the day. Sounds like this is the closest thing you’ll see to a Doctor Who theme park! Not gonna lie, I’d love to see some prank footage of unsuspecting travelers reacting to an invasion of Cybermen.

It looks like both Heathrow and Who are really pulling out all of the stops on this project. Considering this is only one in a long line of celebratory stunts the show is pulling in honor of its 50 years on air, I’m not surprised that something this involved is happening, even if the choice of stage is a bit unconventional.
Heathrow airport and Doctor Who may seem like an unlikely pair, but considering both are British icons (albeit in different areas), the marriage of the two may not be as far-fetched as it looks. Similar themes of time, travel, and time-travel (literally and figuratively, with time zones) unite the two across a universe of difference.

Steven Moffat said of the partnership:

We are delighted to announce another extension to Heathrow’s world-beating facilities – all of space and time in a stylish blue box, complete with phone. Heathrow with time travel – nobody need ever be late again.

Au contraire, Mr. Moffat, I think people are going to want to be spending more time in Heathrow than ever before.

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