Documentary About Werewolves in the US THE BRAY ROAD BEAST Trailer is Here


“Every lore or myth has some truth to it…”

If you are like me and into the supernatural and mythological creatures, Here is a brand new trailer for a new documentary on werewolves in the U.S. called The Bray Road Beast. Did you know that between 1989 and 2015 there have been over one thousand reported encounters with a Bigfoot-like creature in North America!? I didn’t knew until I saw this trailer! The first of those sighting started in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The trailer has certainly piqued my interest and this is the synopsis:

In the early 1990’s a rural Wisconsin community called Elkhorn was at the center of a series of real-life werewolf sightings. As local reporter, Linda Godfrey, began her investigations into the “Beast of Bray Road”, other reports from around the country, and soon, the world, began flooding in. For the subsequent three decades, the Beast of Bray Road has been the most infamous Wisconsin resident.

The Bray Road Beast will be released on October 5th.

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