Does Education Promote Equality in Society?


Today, the fight for social justice in all areas of life is still going on. The importance of equality can’t be overstated. Finally, people of all backgrounds start to come together to have a better future for everybody. This is the case for not only the United States but the rest of the world in general.

The debate about the importance of higher education has also been going on for the last few years. The American educational system is one of the most complex and expensive in the world. Of course, buying an assignment on Essay Hub is an effective but temporary solution! Some experts say that the existence of such a system does not promote equality in society.

But let’s look at things in a broader sense. In a perfect world, every person would have a fair opportunity for free education of the highest level. Forget about student loans, rejection letters, or failing your exams because your professor doesn’t like you. In such a world, fairness in education means equality in society in general.

Sadly, our world isn’t perfect. One might say that giving out good education to students from all backgrounds can actually add to fair opportunities for all. So, let’s try to answer this difficult question: does education promote equality in society?

What Is Equality?

The United States has a long history of oppression and discrimination, unfortunately. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and change some things in the future. In general, equality means that people have the same chance to make the most out of their lives. Everybody has different talents that can be realized with the same potential!

In simple words, people shouldn’t be discriminated against only because of the circumstances of their birth, their beliefs, or their disabilities. It really sounds like a dreamland, but this mindset should be seen as a basis for human rights all over the world. Before acting and achieving world peace, you need to really be sure of what you are fighting for.

How Is Equality Related to Education?

Everybody knows that change starts with one person. If one child can get out of a disadvantaged environment and get a diploma, this will lead to meaningful change and equality in the future. Also, it is a basic human right to receive education with no regard to their cultural, financial, or social backgrounds. It’s a whole other issue that not everybody can afford it.

There are many studies that explore the importance of getting educated from the point of view of social justice. The same research shows that when students expand their horizons at school, they grow as human beings. In developing nations, like India, this is an important step towards reducing racial and economic inequalities.

Solving Social Problems With Education

Experts say that an educated population has more chances of achieving fair opportunities for all. When the whole school system is not biased and doesn’t have any discrimination against the students, they grow up with the same values in their adulthood. Here are just some of the aspects that quality education can achieve:

  • less discrimination between men and women in day-to-day lives;
  • more open-minded young people;
  • same opportunities in career and wages for everybody;
  • fewer communities who live below the poverty line;
  • a less dramatic gap in the political views across the nation;
  • overall improvement of physical and mental health for all populations. 

So, you can already see that an informed society means a better life for everybody. When students attend schools and colleges, they see the possibilities that they have in the future. Of course, the younger generation starts to realize that this should be the standard for every citizen, advocating for equal rights as a result.

So, Do Schools Actually Increase Inequality?

In short, yes and no. The modern school system of the United States can add to discrimination because it’s just so different for everybody. Getting into a certain school can be very hard and even impossible for a disadvantaged population. And even when you get it, the student loans for enormous amounts of money will follow you for the rest of your life.

Yet, this situation is not true for the rest of the world. In fact, studies show that in other countries, where education is free for everybody, society promotes equality in every area of life. This includes health care, career prospects, living wages, and many more aspects. So, based on everything that was said above, you can safely say that education promotes equality!

Of course, you can’t change the whole system by yourself. But if you already have a chance of studying, use it for a good cause! Start with your group of friends and who knows, maybe together you will change the world for the better.


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