Donald Trump Jr. Tweets ‘Top Gun’ Video of Trump Shooting Down CNN Jet

Donald Trump Jr.

The post comes after a week when President posted a doctored clip of a pro-wrestling appearance in which Trump is shown punching a man whose face is covered by the CNN logo.

Donald Trump Jr. has shared a new doctored video of his father attacking CNN, this time with the help of a famous movie clip.

Trump Jr. tweeted a video of a doctored clip of the 1986 military thriller Top Gun on Saturday. In it, President Donald Trump’s face is superimposed over Tom Cruise’s character as he shoots down a Russian jet with a CNN logo on it. Trump is seen in the clip repeating his “you’re fired” catchphrase before launching a missile.

Trump Jr. called the video, “one of the best I’ve seen.” The source of the doctored video wasn’t immediately clear.

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