Donald Trump Just Responded To Orlando Massacre In The Worse Way Possible


Donald Trump just responded to this morning’s horrifying slaughter in Orlando in the worst way possible – he had the sheer nerve to pat himself on the back for being an outrageous bigot and Islamophobe. As unpresidential as you could get, it just goes to show what kind of sociopathic narcissist he truly is.

Trump congratulates himself for demonizing Syrian refugees (of which shooter Omar Mateen was not), calling for increased border control (Mateen was a longimte US citizen with no criminal record), and for calling for unconstitutional surveillance of Muslim-Americans (Mateen was already on the FBI’s radar, but thanks to Trump’s Republican Party, a ban on weapon sales to terrorist suspects was defeated in Congress).

The AR-15 Bushmaster is a military grade assault rifle specifically designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible. It was the same rifle used at Sandy Hook and at the movie theater in Aurora. It was used during this shooting – the second worst in world history – by a man on FBI’s terrorist watch list but had two legal concealed carry permits and was allowed to purchase a killing machine.

This is attack is not Islam, just as Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian. Trump’s Islamophobia and discrimination against American Muslims will only serve to encourage these kinds of attacks, for it just goes to reinforce the message of jihadist organizations – that America despises Islam and that there can be no peace between Islam and Western culture. Maybe if Florida didn’t have some of the most lax gun laws in the nation, this man wouldn’t have been able to commit this heinous act of terror.

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