Very Donald Trump Wedding Gift Given To Charlie Sheen From Donald Trump 

 Charlie Sheen

When Charlie Sheen got married he didn’t invite Donald Trump (Only wise thing he ever did), But that doesn’t stop Trump from sending a wedding gift to Charlie. According to Sheen, the gesture occurred at a celebratory dinner five years ago. “[Trump] started saying … ‘I’m sorry I can’t make your wedding,'” Sheen told Norton. “And I’m like, I didn’t invite you.”

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But Trump presented Sheen with the cufflinks straight from his shirt — cufflinks he assured Sheen were solid platinum. Wow now that is some gesture, Isn’t it! Cufflinks from the MAN himself.

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Unfortunately, that promise was more than a little bogus (Like every other thing). When Sheen had the jewelry appraised, he discovered the cufflinks were not platinum, but pewter — adorned with “bad zirconia.” and They were stamped “Trump,” of course. Now everything makes sense.

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