Don’t Mess It Up: A Quick Destiny 2: Garden of Salvation Raid Guide

Destiny 2: Garden of Salvation

You loved Destiny and were pumped to start Destiny 2. Your gaming buddies wouldn’t stop talking about Shadowkeep, so you decided to check it out, too… It’s an awesome expansion.

What isn’t awesome: Your team got to the Garden of Salvation raid that you heard so much about—and the boss totally kicked your butt. The Black Garden is cool and all, but you’ve been there long enough!

Just read this simple Destiny 2 raid guide and you’ll have everything you need to clear the challenge.

First Encounter

You’ll have to save yourself from the Consecrated Mind in the raid’s first encounter, but before that, you’ll need to unlock the door. Here’s how:


Tethering is a mechanism new in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. It’s what it sounds like: Three or four Guardians chain together.

A first player will connect to a floating black cube by shooting it. Then, the team will form a line, eventually connecting to and opening the door.


Once you’re in, avoid the Consecrated Mind. If you attack, you’ll probably be the ones dying.

Leapfrog, taking turns staying back and moving forward to clear the stage.

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Second Encounter 

Now that you avoided the Consecrated Mind, you need to summon it to defeat it. These tips will get you through:

Enlightened Buff

Most of this encounter involves battling enemies. So you guessed it—the stage can take a while! Read this post to learn about a helpful boost.

Your team will defend four stations. To defeat enemies, work with a partner and tether to more cubes to get the Enlightened buff that lets you break through enemies’ Enlightened shields.

Third Encounter

Split into two teams and press forward. It’s finally time to destroy the Consecrated Mind!

Finish It 

One team will collect Motes from defeated Minotaurs and bring them to a base while the other follows the Consecrated Mind—one imprisoned player alerts the shooting team to its three red eyes.

Once you have collected 30 Motes, you can finish the Consecrated Mind by shooting those eyes and move on.

Fourth Encounter: Final Boss

You’ll use skills you perfected in previous stages to defeat the final raid boss—the Sanctified Mind:

A Three-Team Job

Start by shooting the boss’s glowing leg. This opens a portal: Go in and collect Motes, then deposit them at the same color relay. Shoot its shoulder and repeat the process.

It’s useful for one of two teams to collect while the other stays behind and defends, then switch positions. A third team will rebuild the arena.

Finish the Garden of Salvation Raid

Finally, finish the raid by tethering between the relays and the like-colored plus signs near the boss to defeat it.

Help Can’t Hurt

Now you’ve read this Destiny raid guide, you can find high-ranking team members if you haven’t already, and get started! But maybe you’ve been through most of these steps and don’t want to go again.

Or, even if you aren’t bored out of your mind, you only have so much time in your day! The Garden of Salvation raid is so lengthy. How are you supposed to do this??

Easy: Get more help. Teamwork makes the dream work!


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