Doom Playing on a Ring

Doom Playing on a Ring

If you’re a fan of classic video games and innovative technology, then you might be interested in a recent creation by YouTuber James “Ancient” Brown. He has managed to create a wearable ring with a playable version of the iconic video game Doom.

The game is a modified version called RP2040 Doom, which generates grayscale graphics and is designed to run on a tiny printed circuit board. This board is small enough to fit inside a ring, which can then be worn on your finger.

The idea of a ring that can play a video game might seem strange at first, but it’s actually a really cool and unique concept. The ring allows you to play Doom wherever you go, and it’s a great conversation starter too.

Brown’s creation is not only impressive from a technical standpoint, but it’s also a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the maker community. By combining his passion for video games with his expertise in electronics and programming, he was able to create something that is both functional and fun.

When talking about his creation, Brown expressed his excitement about the project and the potential for other similar projects in the future. He also noted that while the ring is not currently available for purchase, he hopes to release a tutorial or guide for others who want to try making their own version of the ring.

Overall, the wearable Doom ring is a fascinating example of the intersection between technology and gaming. It showcases the possibilities of what can be achieved when creativity, skill, and passion come together.

“The circuit is a single PCB which I cracked along 4 score lines to wrap it into a ring. I wanted to see if this was a useable technique. It isn’t. The result was very fragile, and I lost the connections to the capacitive pads and USB port during encapsulation.”

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