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The Internet is full of different dating platforms. Some of them are good, others aren’t so much but all of them aim to deliver one thing – the promise of finding true love. One such platform is the DoULike dating website. This relatively new dating platform is slowly gaining traction as more people join the community.  But how does this online dating community hold up under the microscope? Will it suit your dating style? Well, this is exactly what you will find out in today’s DoULike review.


Our Review

So, first thing first. What is DoULike dating? The simple answer is that DoULike is an online dating site. But looking at it more carefully, you’ll see that the platform aims to create a healthy, fraud-free community of singles through a set of great features and verification techniques. Just like many of its counterparts, DoULike delivers a robust online dating experience by offering its users a number of filters and registration options. Whether you want to use your email or your Facebook profile, DoULike gives you the ability to register whichever method you like.

Outside of the simplified registration process, DoULike is one user-friendly dating site. It is not only easy to navigate but really snappy. Everything is buttery smooth and works as intended. The platform also offers a mobile application that is just as good as the desktop experience. Whether you want to scroll dating profiles or chat or filter the search query, the app has you covered. Your dating experience won’t be crippled by a lack of key functions or poor performance.

Finally, there’s the fact that with DoULike has one of the best matchmaking systems we’ve seen to date. It not only takes your preferences into account but analyzes your picks and tosses in profiles that are both visually and descriptively similar to your previous likes. In other words, it is using machine learning to help you land a date. While it is not perfect, mind you, but it gets the job done the more you use the platform. It just gets better every time as this is how machine learning works.


Member & Age Structure

Just like best dating sites, DoULike encompasses a wide range of users. From seniors to students to young adults, there’s pretty much every age category here. The best thing about all of this is that you can filter everything. While this is simple in nature and many DoULike reviews don’t mention this, it is a very useful function that not all platforms have.


Features has a lot of neat features that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the most prominent ones:


  • Ability to search users using your location
  • Check whether the user is online or how long the profile is offline
  • Save previous search queries
  • Ability to skip photos you don’t like in the Carousel section
  • Multiple subscription plans that will fit just about any budget
  • AI-powered matchmaking algorithm
  • A free mobile application


Keep in mind that these aren’t the only features. The platform has many additional features such as the ability to view who viewed you that you will absolutely love.



For starters, DoULike is a paid platform, meaning it’s ultra-secure. Comparing it to free options is useless. Even if you take the best free dating sites, you’ll notice that they don’t have that kind layer of protection. The site uses SSL certificates which is perhaps the best protection you can get. To top it off, your online dating is more effective thanks to the fact that each photo and bio is manually reviewed by the staff.



The DoULike dating site is superb when it comes to supporting. Whether you have questions regarding the functionality of the site or payment options or any other unrelated question, the staff will do their best to answer your question as fast and as succinctly as possible. No fancy words used, no complicated mechanisms described, straight to the point. Good stuff all around.


How to Delete your DoULike Account

If you find DoULike dating service not your cup of tea or maybe you already found love and want to call it quits, the platform doesn’t block your path. All you have to do is click on your profile icon in the top-right corner, pick the “Settings” menu, and find the “Account Cancellation” button.


Find Love On DoULike

And this concludes our DoULike dating site review. The platform is great as it has everything you might ever need. From location-based searches to filters to verified profiles, dating site DoULike is your gateway to love. DoULike pricing is simple and pretty affordable. And the fact that you can call it quits anytime makes it one of the best platforms out there. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

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