Downhill: A New Dark Comedy with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss


Since most people are now stuck inside and frantically looking for entertainment within their homes, this might be the best thing you can stream right now. Will Ferrell, a beloved comedian, and actor, is starring in the remake of the Swedish drama, Force Majeure. Downhill is actually directed by the Oscar-winner directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon. It is definitely not the type of movie you will witness release every year.

This is a dark comedy that depicts the post-mourning period for the Staunton family, as Pete (Ferrell) has just lost his father. As a way to take his mind off the tragedy, the family decides to go on a ski trip in an Alpine ski resort and they have a great time on the slopes for a couple of days. But everything changes as the avalanche hits the restaurant that the family is dining in. As Pete sees the avalanche coming their way he completely abandons his family and runs to the hide. Luckily the avalanche isn’t fatal and everyone gets out of it alive, but Pete’s wife, Billie, portrayed by Dreyfuss is now reevaluating their whole marriage, unsurprisingly.


The unlikeable male lead

While there’s not much to like about Pete’s character, Will Ferrell somehow manages to make the audience care about him anyway. Ferrell is probably one of the most beloved comedians of all time and his movies are a testament to that. His most famous movie, Anchorman is still considered one of the funniest movies of all time and has had a cult following for a while now. And one of his latest movies The House, which he shot with Amy Poehler, is also one of the most beloved comedies in the contemporary movie industry.

The pair depicts an epic story of a couple who runs a secret casino in their basement. When their daughter’s college scholarship gets canceled, parents have to resort to some alternative methods. At this illegal casino, the pair offers classic casino games, entertainment, and actual payouts, but as one would be able to predict from the start, they end up getting into a lot of trouble because of this risky business. Will Ferrell even managed to get people to like his character in The House movies, so it’s no surprise that Downhill is made way more enjoyable because of Ferrell’s presence.

As this dark comedy unfolds, even more, we are faced with the same dilemma as the main characters in the movie. Is this one mistake enough to completely level out the couple’s years together? Can one mistake really make you question whether or not you know your spouse?

Even though Will Ferrell’s character is trying his best to assure his wife that nothing has changed between them and the family can still rely on him, Billie remains unconvinced.


Comedy tackling real-life issues

Much like the original movie Force Majeure, the suspense is real though the movies, but the American unsurprisingly chose to deal with these complexities in a more abrasive way. Either way, this is a funny and sometimes lighthearted take on what it means to be in a committed relationship and whether or not the pressing moments like the ones with the avalanche can reveal the true nature of our loved ones.

While the topic itself is pretty heavy the star duo makes it very easy to watch, adding their comedic relief to even the most daunting situations. Downhill is a realistic and a bit of a harsh look at what it means to really know someone and whether or not it is even possible.

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