Where to Download the Missing .dll Files?

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DLL is a special extension for libraries that consists of vital data for various games and software to launch. And sometimes we face problems connected to these .dll files, like absence or corruption of the specified library. In such situation, we get a message telling us that the mentioned files are missing or cannot be used by Windows operating system.

There are generally two ways to solve this issue – download missing .dll files from the reputable source, or download and install the component which contains the missing file from the official Microsoft website. Both methods are to be considered – the first one is the easiest, the second one demands more actions and time, but is also more reliable.


How to Download the Missing Files from The Official Microsoft Website?

If you want to get the file from the reputable source, you need to download and install the piece of software from official Microsoft website. However, the first thing to do is to find out which component from the existing on the website contains the file that is missing.

Google can help you with this, so you can find that out in a minute. Usually, if the .dll library is missing, you need to install one of the versions of the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio – however, it all depends on the file missing.

Afterward, you need to delete the Visual C++ Redistributable version if you have one on your computer. The thing is that if you have such a software installed on your computer and the file is still missing, then it means the component is corrupted or outdated – anyways, it is better to get rid of it.

Then you have to find the needed Visual C++ version on the official Microsoft website, download and install it. Usually, the components are delivered in two versions – x86 and x64. If you have a 32-bit Windows version (x86) you need to install x86 version of the software only.

If you have 64-bit Windows version you need to install both x86 and x64 versions of the software. The thing is that most of the problems that occur are caused by the old games and software that was mainly developed for 32-bit systems, and in order to be compatible with 63-bit systems they need 32-bit libraries to be installed.


What If Download and Installation Did Not Help?

Sometimes you see that even after the software was downloaded and the file is present on the computer, the issue still remains unresolved. In such cases, just try to find out whether the missing library is located in the folder of the program you are trying to run. If it is – deletes it or remove to another folder. Afterward, try to run the software again; if the problem is solved then you should know it was caused by the fact executable files has addressed to the corrupted version of the library.

Keep in mind that there is no universal option to solve the issue for all DLL files – you need to seek for the problem solution for each case separately.

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