Dr Who’s Biggest Collector


World’s Biggest Dalek Collection With Over 1,200 Figures

Rob Hull’s collection has swollen to 1,202 Daleks – meaning the iconic enemy of Doctor Who has now virtually taken over his family home in Doncaster, South Yorks.

  • Growing collection: Rob has amassed 1,202 Daleks in 27 years (Caters) 

A dedicated Doctor Who fan who smashed a world record for the biggest collection of Daleks has doubled his haul in just two years.

Rob Hull, 51, was officially recognized as having amassed the greatest number of figurines in 2011 with 571.

But he now boasts 1,202 Daleks – meaning the iconic enemy of Doctor Who has now virtually taken over his family home in Doncaster, South Yorks.

His remarkable collection, that has taken almost 25 years to amass, has rapidly expanded after Guinness awarded him with the title and Rob has now has his record updated.

Fifty years after the first Doctor Who broadcast many avid fans have become engrossed with the show from an early age.

Dad-of-four Rob’s obsession with Daleks started when he was just seven years old and has grown to be the biggest on the planet, despite never actually being a fan of the show.

Rob’s first 571 Daleks took 25 years to collect – but the second half took just two years (Caters)

Rob said: ‘I started my collection 24 years ago and have been a massive Dalek fan since I was seven – I’ve never actually been a big follower of the show.

‘I really wanted a Dalek when I was a young boy but my mum said no – I always said that when I was an adult that I would have my own Dalek and now I have the biggest collection.’

Rob’s gathering ranges from thimble-sized to life-sized Daleks – he bought his first after seeing an advert in the newspaper.

They have now taken over his living room and garage, filling shelves, walls, and floors throughout his family home. And though his collection has become a hit with millions of Doctor Who followers around the world, Rob’s wife of 25 years Dawn would much rather they weren’t there.

Rob, a retired factory worker, said: ‘My wife is not a fan and would rather I didn’t have them but my youngest and oldest children love the collection.

‘Most of my friends always take an interest and see how I’m getting on – they always ask many how many do I have now and are surprised by the size.

‘I wouldn’t be able to say how much I have spent – but I know it is a lot.’

Rob’s haul includes one of the oldest figures around the Cherilea Daleks first made in early the 1960s soon after the show was the first broadcast.

The most expensive is a 6ft full size, remote-controlled Dalek that is valued at up to £5,000 while Rob’s most precious is the all gold Product Enterprise 12’RC – it is one of only 50 in the world.

Rob has vowed to continue adding to his collection bit by bit, that is if he can find room to store them.

Rob said: ‘My wife would prefer if all of them were in the garage rather than inside.

‘I don’t really have anything special planned with it, I just really enjoy seeing it grow and take pride in collecting more.

‘It has grown rather large but I don’t think we will have to move home just yet to make room for them.’ 

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