DreamHack Sevilla 2019 – Should You Place Your Bets?


When you’re passionate about something, it’s hard to stay back, especially when there are events and tournaments that involve it. If you’re a CS: GO fan, you’re most likely familiar with the many competitions taking place between players.

Whether you want to participate or not, it’s still a fun idea, and you’d like to support the participants. So, should you place your bets or not?

Placing Your Bets – Is It Worth It?

You might be just getting started with betting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using the match betting CS: GO websites and show some love for the teams. Betting is not only a fun experience in general, but it also allows you to come up with some amazing and intelligent strategies. It’s a great way to see the level of your intelligence and, who knows, maybe you’ll even end up winning the bet and getting a reward.

Considering there’s still some time to go until this event unfolds, you have a lot of time to make theories about the potential winners. Not only that, but you can make a lot of research about the event itself and the game, which could help you even more in the process.

Therefore, you should consider some CS: GO betting if you’re a CS: GO, lover.

When Is the Event Taking Place?

The event will start in December 2019. Basically, this tournament serves as a replacement stop for the DreamHack Open Circuit of the year. The Montreal stop should’ve happened, but it had to be canceled because of schedule conflicts with the StarLadder Berlin Major. As a result, DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 has been announced afterward.

On December 13th, the event is going to start, and it will last until the 15th. During these two days, you are able to place your bets on the teams.

What Are the Prizes?

The prizes for the Sevilla event are spread based on the places. The pool contains $100,000 USD, out of which $50k are awarded to the first place. Conversely, the 2nd place will receive $20,000, while the 3rd and 4th will receive $10,000.

If you want to bet on CS: GO, this event is the right occasion. It’s only in December, meaning you will have time to get ready for it. Make sure you are familiar with betting, come up with your best strategies, and you might win some cash.

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