Dressing Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all about playing with current trends. Hot this year are denim, neutral and bright color contrasts, color blocking, stripes, squares, and statement tailoring. Joseph, of course, wears them all.

Sporting Structure

Squares: Joseph’s clothes tend toward controlled experimentation, so his embrace of this year’s square trend is no surprise. He especially loves meticulously crossing pinstripes and has sported them in these articles: blazers, vests, button-ups, ties, and scarves.

Stripes: Stripes have been a huge hit on this year’s runway, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made his own hits with them. He has stuck mostly with horizontal stripes for casual wear including: tee-shirts, sweater-vests, and sweatshirts. For his black tie looks, he has been more inclined toward the vertical as seen in his blazers, button-ups, and vests.

Plaid: Plaid is perfect for Joseph’s game of mixing popular medias. Using this structural style combination as a base, he has worn ties, blazers, sweater-vests, and dress shirts.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Decked in Denim

Jeans go with everything. This year, Joseph has matched dark blue and black men’s jeans with structured blazers and vests and button-ups, square-patterned dress-shirts and plaid ties, striped tee’s and casual blazers, sweater-vests, contrasting shades of the same material, and blazing white, untucked evening shirt. Also included in his jean repertoire are denim blazers, vests, ties, and dress-shirts. Joseph has also played with the denim game with a mixed color palate including: traditional dark blue, black, and light grey, as well as a statement making, subtle shade of apple green.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Color Contrasts

Shades: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been photographed in layered subtly contrasting shades of black, grey, and brown. He has also been spotted wearing color blocked pieces with the same inspiration.

Enhancements: Mixing white or black with other colors creates a dramatic color-enhancing effect and Joseph takes full advantage of this trend. Thus far in 2013, he has worn white with brown, grey, blue, and black. He has worn black with white, tan, blue and grey. He has proven himself a worthy role model in this fashion technique.

Timeless Fashions: Joseph loves old-style fashions like sweater vests, waistcoats, jeans, square tipped shoes, and thin ties. But he puts more effort into dressing than simply going through his ancestor’s closet. He goes into his closet with an artist’s eye and an artist’s heart and comes out with marvelous, unique fashions.

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