Drive Club Game for PlayStation 4

Drive Club Game for PlayStation 4

A game that is meant for the petrol heads of the most elite kind, welcome to the DriveClub Game for PlayStation 4. It is indeed far more exclusive than any other available off-road games of the usual Motorstorm titles. Anyone and everyone can tear through an untamed pacific with a monster truck, but getting along with a racing SIM is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. This is considered to be one of the very first waves of games for this upcoming gaming console by Sony. If one goes by the screenshots of the game, the gleaming supercars, meticulously designed dashboards, and the roaring engines; all look absolutely hyper-real.

Made in the stable of Evolution Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PS4, it looks ahead to the initiation of a revolutionary era of racing games. DriveClub Game for PlayStation 4 has a very different kind of gaming concept when it comes to racing. Here, a player can not only race as an individual to compete with the system and the other players online. The provision to make racing clubs and compete amongst each other is also there. This way, the game is supposed to give the player an experience of socially active team-work, which encourages them to join available clubs and do what they do best; race.

DriveClub Game for PlayStation 4 will have stringent challenges in the tournaments. This could include a small blast of gameplay that is super accessible in nature, to a weeklong rally involving a combination of multiplayer in real-time. The team of developers has always pictured this entire spectrum with arcade at one end and simulation on the other, to decide where they are going to settle. To get the best results in the creation of this game, the team of developers was expanded massively. People with more than fifty years of combined experience were recruited to do the needful. The team-mates already worked not only with Motorstorm and WRC but also with WipEout, Formula 1, Project Gotham Racing, Tourist Trophy, Gran Turismo, and likewise.

This has brought the mammoth task of setting a new standard of gaming in the genre of racing a bit easy on the Evolution Studio. DriveClub Game for PlayStation 4 is ready to make the player experience the fresh capabilities of this new console by Sony. It is very articulate in the sense of modern concordance of social networks where it will also communicate in a language that everyone comprehends; graphics. The game has been designed with prophetic attention to detail. The metallic flakes of the paint have microscopic enumerations while the carbon fiber of the vehicles makes the real look fake. The developers have worked hard and smart to bring DriveClub Game for PlayStation 4, to absolutely new levels of beauty and involvement, which was actually unnecessary. But to set new standards, they had to do it.

How the studio intends to make use of the social media and the connected devices, without attenuating the core gaming experience of DriveClub Game for PlayStation 4 is the burning question, which arises in the game critic’s mind. For that, we have to wait for it to launch.

Ferrell Marsh is a regular contributor to Sony PS4 a web magazine focused entirely on the PlayStation 4.

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