How To Drive The Nürburgring In The Snow

How To Drive The Nürburgring In The Snow

This is one great video on how to drive on snow, Well it is not as per say on “Normal road driving” but it is quite close enough. Lap video is 14 minutes long and it is one of the rare moments where someone is driving in such snowy condition with a proper winged race car.

Even scarcer are videos recorded in minus 16-degree conditions with the track engulfed in ice and snow. It’s fair to say the video above is a little mesmerising.

Andy Gülden is behind the wheel and using it to apply corrective lock almost constantly, chief instructor at the Nürburgring Driving Academy. The video plays to a near constant soundtrack of flaring revs as the rear wheels fail to fully apply the trickles of power Gülden is sending to them.

Perhaps most impressive, though, is the speed Gülden carries back onto the ice following short periods of bare tarmac where the car finally – though very briefly – finds its feet again. If you ever going to be in snowy conditions, Then watch and learn.


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