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Drones are becoming increasingly popular with the passage of time. The number of industries that are adopting them in their daily work is also on the rise. It is, therefore, easy to say that the drone is the best smart gadget ever invented.

Initially used for military work, drones are now being used in business to great effect. The following are some of the drone applications that make them the best smart gadgets:


Journalism and Filming

The use of drones in the media industry continues to gain currency whether it is taking videos for use in journalism or in movies. All you have to do if fly a drone and it will capture for you some of the best aerial shots and videos.

To date, movies such as Skyfall, Harry Potter, and The Wolf of Wall Street have all been shot using drones. Among the most popular television series shot using drones is Game of Thrones. In journalism, drones are being used to reach where reporters couldn’t possibly access. Many are the television news programs which nowadays feature aerial footage.

Paintball Drone

Shipping and Delivery

In many places, drones are being used to deliver small parcels such as medicines in emergency situations. Some have been found very useful when it comes to delivering letters and even small food items such as pizza.

Very soon, you are likely to see 30-minute deliveries from Amazon through drones. Although this is still a work in progress, it promises to revolutionize the way people do business. All you will have to do is make an order online and wait for a drone delivery, right there at your doorstep.

Chainsaw Drone

Disaster Management

Natural or man-made disasters may render whole sections of the community inaccessible. However, with drones, rescue crews cam be able to collect information in the form of still photographs and videos. These can then be used to make decisions that would go towards saving lives.

The good thing is that using a drone in such situations is much cheaper than a helicopter, for example. If you are able to get the best Sky Viper Drones, then you can fly them into places that bigger planes wouldn’t be able to penetrate.

Amazon Prime Air

Healthcare and Rescue Operations

In the aftermath of a disaster, rescue workers tend to race against time when trying to save lives. They need all the resources they can muster to have fast and smooth operations. With drones, rescue workers can never go wrong so long as they are equipped with thermal sensors to locate injured individuals both at night and in rough terrain.

Their ability to travel quickly and penetrate small spaces makes drones a go-to smart gadget in emergency situations. Where the delivery of medicines and other equipment is required, drones will come to the rescue.


Archaeological Surveys

Archaeological sites contain key information that enables human beings to better understand their history. However, scouring through a single site can be such a daunting task. With the help of a throne, getting vital clues is easy. They can bring out footage form analysis by archaeologists before doing further digging for evidence.

3D Robotics IRIS+ Drone

Geographical Mapping

Before the advent of drones, it was very hard to carry out 3D geographical mapping. Now it is much easier to map places on earth which humans find hard to access. Examples include unstable mountain tops and dangerous coastlines. With a drone, all you have to do is fly it over the tough-to-access places.

Drone Hacked by Texas College

Law Enforcement

When it comes to law enforcement, drones have the potential of playing a very important role. They can fly above places without raising eyebrows. It is, therefore, easier for law enforcement authorities to use drones to carry out surveillance to ensure public safety.

The police can use drones to monitor large crowds of people with the hope of detecting any form of criminal activity, especially in an emergency. In crime scenes, drones are the key to getting a detailed view and extra information about the prevailing situation.

They can work very well when it comes to providing surveillance to border patrol policemen. The footage they sent is used to monitor criminal activity such as trafficking drugs across the border.

project wing


Drones are very useful when it comes to monitoring what’s happening on large-scale farms. It is easier to know how the crops are performing, especially using aerial surveillance photographs and videos. Information such as the health status of the crops as well as the presence of weeds can easily be gathered.

When you come to think about it, drones are turning out to be a must-have thanks to their many applications. That’s why you should consider buying one.

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