The DTV Shredder Is The Most Wildest Thing Ever!

The DTV Shredder

The Shredder’s speed has been limited to 30 mph with a statement from the company that reads, “Standing up on a vehicle over 30mph is just plain scary.” The vehicle is capable of 13hp thanks to the 196cc, 4-stroke engine that runs on gas. The Shredder comes with a dual-CVT system for driving that is patented and doesn’t require gear shifts, thus making the ride even easier. The assembly weighs 200 pounds and can be easily folded to fit inside an average-sized truck.

The best part about the vehicle is its capability to tackle all kinds of terrains. You can ride it all year long without worrying about the terrain it is being exposed to. User stands on the vehicle in a position similar to skateboarding while the handlebar works as an object to give stability to the user. Users lean in the direction where they have to turn. The vehicle is capable of tackling all terrains owing to its molded rubber tank treads that are continuous. Shredder is capable of crossing water that is about 25 cm deep.

The DTV Shredder has a weight capacity of 136kg and comes with a fuel tank of 3.8-liters that is good to go for about 30 miles. It is available in 3 different colors; grey, orange and black. Apparently, Army has taken interest in the vehicle as well while the Crown Prince of Dubai has placed an order for 2 units which will come with 40-hp rotary engines, thus allowing them to achieve speed of 60 mph.

The DTV Shredder The DTV Shredder The DTV Shredder The DTV Shredder

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