Dude Built Zootopia Lego Sculpture In Three Days, Kid Destroyed In Seconds

Zootopia Lego Sculpture

Chinese boy, who single-handedly pushed over a giant fox figurine of Nick from Zootopia on Sunday at the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China. According to Zhao, the artist who spent three days and nights painstakingly piecing together the figurine, the parents were very apologetic over the mishap. The LEGO figurine is said to cost more than $15,170.

Zootopia Lego Sculpture Zootopia Lego Sculpture Zootopia Lego Sculpture

It so happened that it was the first day of the exhibition and the display had been open to the public for no more than an hour when the incident occurred.

Zootopia Lego Sculpture Zootopia Lego Sculpture  Zootopia Lego SculptureZootopia Lego Sculpture

Zhao declined compensation as he insisted the child had not meant to break the figurine. That is one decent guy Zhao, kids can be problematic at exhibitions, they need to understand that RED rope is there for a reason.

Zootopia Lego Sculpture


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