Dude Opens Magic Card Deck, Finds $30,000 Card

Magic Card Deck Finds 30000 Card

Magic: The Gathering fansite made this video, was meant to show you some of the cards available in an old 1993 starter pack for the game. It was not meant to show you what happens when a grown man finds a Magic card inside it worth up to $30,000.

In these old alpha starter packs, the randomised “rare” card you’d receive was always at the “top”, so the opener flips the deck so as to get to that one last.


To find a Black Lotus in one of these alpha decks – of which only 1100 were printed back in 1993 – is a rare and beautiful thing, with one of the unbalanced cards selling last year for just over $27,000. This card is fresh, crisp and only touched by gloves, So it costs a fortune to buy and a fortune to earn while selling it.

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