Dude Spreads Panic in San Francisco With His Wicked AirPod Stickers


AirPods are tiny, and wireless, which means that they will fall out of an ear or case without the owners knowing. The size also makes it easy for an AirPod to drop into all sorts of hard-to-reach cracks, which could require owners to invest in pricey replacements.

Losing an AirPod has become quite the source of concern among Apple fans, but the artist and digital creative Pablo Rochat chose to have some enjoyment with the common fear by making life-size AirPod stickers to spread around San Fransisco. Fun, right?

So far, Rochat has observed a few gullible people fall for the wicked stickers. “That’s the best part. I love putting AirPod stickers on the ground and standing back to see people try to pick them up,” he said. “Some people are amused by it, but a few have been angry that they were pranked. Joke’s on them!”



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