Dune In Fortnite Is A Thing Now

Dune In Fortnite

We still are waiting for the movie adaptation’s release this weekend, Dune content has been found in Fortnite. How amazing it is to see that Fortnite bug eats Dune even before it is released.

Epic Games’ all-encompassing Fortnite battle royale will enable players to use skins based on major Dune characters Paul Atreides and Chani as part of the game’s next Chapter 2 Season 8, leaks have exposed.

Also found in the leaks are Dune franchise mainstays such as the sandworms, ornithopters, and Fremkits. What I find most interesting, however, is the emote, which is revealed at around 44 seconds in the video below.

The planet on which Dune takes place is occupied by a species of sandworm that kills its victim via vibrations in the sand. As such, the indigenous people have created an arrhythmic walking style that, when sensed by a roving sandworm, doesn’t send signals that those vibrations are being caused by a living creature it might be able to munch on.

How the game’s new add-on will look and feel, is still to see.

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