Duo Are Flying Over Dubai Using Jetpacks – Video in 4k

Jetman Dubai _ Young Feathers 4K - YouTube2

Well Dubai is the right place to enjoy your jetpacks. Yves Rossy is one of the only people in the world with a working jetpack and he is brilliant at flying it. He must be feeling like Iron Man flying over the desert city. Only Jarvis is missing from the action.

Jetman Dubai _ Young Feathers 4K - YouTube

The video is proportionally scaled in its grandeur — ripe with more than 11 minutes of beautiful HD footage shot from a chase plane and the GoPros attached to Rossy and his “jetman protege” Vince Reffet.


The jet-powered fun starts innocently enough over the desert where the two twist, dive, and climb through a sunset-filled sky. The jetpacks, by the way, let Rossy and Reffet go more than 120 miles per hour.

Duo Are Flying Over Dubai Using Jetpacks

We see them perform heart-stopping maneuvers over the city’s famous Palm Islands and fly in formations so close it would make the Blue Angels sweat. And then comes the ultimate moment — Rossy and Reffet buzz the Burj Khalifa with a pass so close it’s legitimately hard to watch.

This video is probably the closest you’ll ever get to flying your own jetpack, so watch it now. Just make sure you go with the full screen option and — if you want to feel like you’re riding right along with Rossy and Reffet — switch the video to 4K.

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