DUO Turntable With Detachable Bluetooth Speaker


The DUO turntable combines both old and new technology to offer a system that is capable of playing both vinyl records and streaming music. Equipped with a detachable speaker the record playing system can be left in situ, while you listen to streamed music elsewhere.

Features include built-in Alexa voice assistant support, Bluetooth compatibility allow you to connect almost any Bluetooth supported device, quality sound lossless aptX transmission, a 3.2 inch diameter turntable and stereo enhance speakers. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique DUO turntable which is now available to back via Kickstarter.

The development team who created DUO explain more about its inspiration, design features. “Its compact, hybrid design gives you complete ease to enjoy your records anytime, without fussy connections to a complicated stereo system. Trust us when we say this will be your coolest and most liberating vinyl experience – and at a fair price, too. Not in the mood for vinyl? Switch to streaming. Whether it’s your favorite record or playlist, DUO uses aptX Bluetooth to boost audio quality so you can blast your favorite music however you feel like!“

Source: Kickstarter

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