E-reader comparison

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m an avid bookworm. I’ve spent many sleepless nights to the rustling of pages and the smell of old books. It’s not surprising that when e-readers first cropped onto the market, I, like many of my fellow bookworms, was adamantly opposed to the idea. It would ruin the reading experience, we would gripe. When I finally caved and ordered myself an e-reader, it was like I discovered a new wonder of the world. I was hooked.

Today there are quite a few businesses that have created their own e-book reader. In order to help you decide what e-reader will best serve your needs, we’re going to take a look at three of the top selling E-readers from a three different companies in hopes of helping you make a decision. We’ll be looking at Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Boarders’ KoboGlo.

The Kindle Paperwhite

E-reader comparison

The Kindle Paperwhite is the newest generation of the Amazon family. It’s a solid e-book reader that will serve anyone well. What cool features does it have? The Kindle Paperwhite:

  • 3G capability. For a little extra money you can receive free basic Wi-Fi to browse the internet and make purchases on the Amazon store.
  • The Light. The light is built into the kindle. This allows even lighting.
  • WhisperSync. This allows you to switch between audiobooks and e-books without missing a stride. If you ended on scene, your audiobook will start on that scene.
  • Kindle Free-Time. Allows you to set up a library for your kids, awards them with badges for reading, and tracks how much and how long they read.
  • Massive Book Collection. Amazon has by far, the largest collection of e-books. Due to the fact that they allow authors to self-publish e-books.

Despite all of these cool features it is not perfect. Here are some features that I could live without.

  • 2GB of memory. That doesn’t take into account that some of the memory is eaten by the basic functions. If you are an avid e-book reader, you might understand my frustration.
  • Battery capability. The un-handy graph on the Amazon Paperwhite is vastly misleading. They claim that while laptop batteries last for 5-9 hours. The Kindle Paperwhite they claim will last for 8 weeks. It seems amazing, until you realize that they based their calculation on half an hour of reading time a day. Avid readers will probably need to recharge every day. Not bad, but Amazon loses points for trying to mislead us.

Nook Glowlight

E-reader comparison

The Nook Glowlight is the most recent generation of e-book readers provided by Barnes and Noble. Like Amazon, Barnes and Noble has a long history of stellar e-readers. Here are some above par features of the Nook.

  • 4GB of memory. 2 GB is reserved for the memory is taken up by Nook content. That still leaves you capable of storing more books than the Kindle.
  • E-book Formatting: Nooks e-book files are ePub, unlike the Kindle which is mobi. Epub files are superior due to their formatting capabilities. Words can flow around pictures, embedded fonts can be used, and you can use tools to separate and merge books together. All handy when you want to separate or combine a series.
  • Versatility of Ebooks. Epub is supported by a large number of e-readers unlike Kindles mobi file. This means that down the line if you prefer to buy an e-reader from Apple, Sony, or Kobo, you don’t lose access to your entire library.
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities. The device offers free Wi-Fi in all Barnes and Noble as well as 30,000 AT&T hotspots.
  • The Price. The Nook matches the basic Kindle in price ($119), and is vastly cheaper than the 3G version of the Kindle ($189).

Despite all of these cool features it is not perfect. Here are some features that I could live without.

  • Battery capability. While Barnes and Noble doesn’t include a vastly misleading graph, it also claims it will last for 8 weeks based on 30 minutes a day. Expect to recharge every day or so. Barnes and Noble loses slightly less points than Amazon for this misleading information.
  • No 3G. Free internet is not offered unless you visit establishments and areas that offer them

Kobo Glo

E-reader comparison

You might also consider KoboGlo. Kobo is fairly new to the e-reader scene. Here are some above par features of the e-reader.

  • ComfortLight. Light directed inward at the page. This reduces any eyestrain that may occur with the other devices on occasion.
  • E-book Formatting and Versatility of ePub: KoboGlo files are ePub and have all of the advantages of that.
  • Change the Font. You can personalize your reading experience by choosing between 10 different fonts. This includes a Kobo designed font that is meant to make the words appear crisper and sharper.
  • Micro SD capability. With a 32 GB Micro SD card, you can have up to 30,000 books to your library collection.
  • Higher wear and tear resistance. The nook and kindle are easily nicked and scratched. The KoboGlo screen will not be scratched when items accidentally fall on it from up to 3 feet.
  • Battery. The battery lasts for 70 hours with the light at 15-20 percent. They do not attempt to mislead us about the battery life. I give them props for that.

Despite all of these cool features it is not perfect. Here are some features that I could live without.

  • Internal Memory. Without an SD card, the e-reader only has 2GB, some of which is used for Nook content.
  • No 3G. There is no 3G offered. And you don’t receive free internet at an onsite store, but it does have Wi-Fi capability.
  • The Price. Slightly more expensive than the Nook or Kindle at $129.99.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Nook. They have all created stellar products. What it comes down to is the type of reader and person that you are. Don’t have Wi-Fi? You might want to go with Amazon. Hard on your tech? Go with Kobo. Want a large library? Go with Nook or Kobo. Whatever your choice, you can’t really go wrong.

Author: Landon Croft is equal parts editor, father and graphic designer.  With a degree in graphic design and English literature, Landon’s goal in college was to make himself as unemployable as possible.  In his free time Landon ogles over tech news and according to his wife, spends entirely too much time playing video games.

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