Easter Egg in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Points To Galactus


James Gunn teased an Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy years ago but no one was able to catch it but One Marvel fan posted a video on YouTube claiming to have finally discovered the big Easter egg and even showed out a few others in the process. His theory points to Galactus as the Easter egg that Gunn has been teasing for years.

YouTuber Second Son breaks down the scene where the Collector goes through all the Infinity Stones. When he gets to the Power Stone, there’s a face shown that is wincing in anguish. That face comes straight from the comic that gives us the origins Galactus and is of the Sentience of the Universe. The theory also alleges that one of the planets seen in the film might be Taa, which is home of Galan, who would ultimately evolve into Galactus following the Big Bang and join with the Sentience of the Universe. There are a few other things he points out to confirm his theory and you can see all of them in the video below.

Did James Gunn really give us an origin of Galactus in the MCU? That would be pretty crazy, especially if this Disney and Fox deal finally goes through. I’m surprised it’s taken so long for fans to find something like this. The way it’s all shown here is pretty clear, but… is it the Easter egg that James Gunn has been teasing? We’ll just have to wait and see what he says when it finally reaches him.


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