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Even the most experienced writer at the beginning of his writing assignment has sometimes a feeling of indecision and fear. But as it is said, the main thing is not the desire nor the ability to: just start writing. If it is extremely difficult for you just to sit and write, make a preliminary outline of the basic ideas of a narrative and only then proceed to the design of the final structure of your essay.

Of course, not every student has writing talent and time to spend on it. So saying “write my research paper” to a professional academic writing service can be a good option then. Because an essay is a short narrative, the structure of it is crucially important since you are to prove your argument in just 250-550 words. A good essay has a clear structure consisting of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Thus, the introduction should give a clear idea of what is going to be discussed further in the paper. The main part (the body) should disclose each of the arguments with examples and illustrations. The information must be logically divided and presented in paragraphs. You need to think about the structure of the essay and make sure that all the parts of it logically lead to the conclusion. The last part of the paper should summarize the ideas expressed in the body. Here, it is necessary to answer the question posed in the essay topic or to indicate the prospects or the consequences of the problem. Also, in this section, you can formulate related topics worthy of further reflection and express personal views if they are backed up by arguments that you have brought earlier.

Being the most important paper of an essay, a conclusion requires special attention. A good conclusion is

  • not just summarizing. It must be well-thought-out work discussion; for example, you can explain how the above discussion can be applied to the real-life situation.
  • quintessence, that is a summary of the main ideas. It is necessary to turn to the introduction and to draw parallels with the same keywords or images but using a different formulation.
  • reinforcement of the main ideas of the work. Different types of essays require a different conclusion. In short, the work does not need a detailed repetition of the main ideas but highlighting the main points only.
  • possibly leading the audience to further reflections.
  • the forecast of results or consequences of a possible solution, or even a call to action.

When creating an essay, it is also important to stick to the academic writing style. This means the following:

  • if possible, avoid personal pronouns of the first person (I, my, we, our);
  • avoid too categorical judgments, and generalizations;
  • reinforce the above quotes and data indicating the source;
  • in English, it is important to respect gender equality, so if we are talking about an abstract person, use a pronoun “they” instead of “he/she.”
  • if possible, use the active voice not to complicate the proposal.

As you can see, essay writing is not rocket science. Of course, it is impossible to create a masterpiece without any practice. But these simple tips will make an essay writing process easier and more effective for you!

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