Education Of The Rich And Famous

Education Of The Rich And Famous: 10 Actors Who Went to College Before Acting

When it comes to the arts, we have the tendency to think that high achievement is the result of natural, God-given talent. While natural talent certainly helps, the fact is that a good education is still a solid background for achievement, no matter what field you work in. These ten famous actors were once also college students who in some cases earned advanced degrees:

David Duchovny

Education Of The Rich And Famous

This “Californication” actor has a master’s degree in English Literature from Yale University. Now he’s going after his doctorate!

Will Ferrell

Education Of The Rich And Famous

It was sports, not comedy, that was Ferrell’s original passion. He has a bachelor’s degree in sports information and once hoped to be in front of the camera not as an actor, but as a sports broadcaster.

Piper Perabo

Education Of The Rich And Famous

As a student through an online program at Ohio University Piper earned a bachelor’s degree in theater. This major choice has obviously helped her throughout her long and budding career in Hollywood.

Jodie Foster

Education Of The Rich And Famous

Even success in Hollywood at an early age did not deter her from getting a degree in literature from Yale. She places

James Franco

Education Of The Rich And Famous

Life as a Hollywood sex symbol hasn’t deterred Franco from numerous academic pursuits. He has studied English, Fine Arts, Film, Fiction and Poetry at schools ranging from Yale to New York University. He has also taught at the college level.

Ricky Gervais

Education Of The Rich And Famous

The creator of “The Office” has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. That’s a subject many don’t associate with humor, but which may give the show some of its depth of insight.

Paul Giamatti

Education Of The Rich And Famous

His academic background is almost as impressive as his acting one. Giametti has two degrees from Yale University, one in Fine Arts and the other in English.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Education Of The Rich And Famous

Jake’s big sister has an impressive acting career of her own, but first she studied at Columbia University and London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Jonah Hill

Education Of The Rich And Famous

Before his “Superbad” days, Hill took courses in sports and music at The New School in New York City. So don’t be surprised if you see him pull out the musical knowledge in some upcoming films, he has the knowledge and background.

Rashida Jones

Education Of The Rich And Famous

This character from “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation is a Harvard graduate. Proving that brains and beauty can go together hand and hand.

Going to college is not a distraction on the route to an artistic career, as is proven by this list of ten actors who are also college graduates. That is because becoming an actor, or pursuing any artistic career, requires discipline, focus and the determination to follow through on achieving assigned goals. In other words, the very skills that are required to succeed in college.

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