Eerie Gorgeous Infrared Photos of Life in Rusted Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


Photographer Vladimir Migutin visited the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and took some amazing photographs of what remained after the catastrophic nuclear plant disaster of 1986. Migutin thought he will be visiting a wasteland but that was not true at all, instead, he witnessed the power of nature as it flourished through and around the rusted metal of human-made items. Migutin took some amazing and hauntingly gorgeous infrared photos.

This place IS the place for these contrasts. It’s pretty hard to describe the overall atmosphere I experienced during this trip. Despite the events of 1986, the ruins, and the rust, I didn’t have grim feelings while traveling there. On the contrary, it felt like I was in a “kind of” paradise on a different planet. Thirty years after the fallout, while men still stay away, the forests, the animals, the plants, everything is thriving, revived by nature.

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