Ehang’s Autonomous Helicopter Will Make Cars Obsolete

Ehang's Autonomous Helicopter

CES is in full swing and there are all sort of exciting stuff being exhibited, but undoubtedly one of the most futuristic things on display this year is the autonomous flying drone/car combo from Chinese drone maker Ehang.

According to Wired, the company says that it hopes to commercialize the technology in the next three to four months, with hopes of seeing uptake from hospitals, coast-to-island transit and taxi services. Initially, the company says, it will launch in China, followed by the US, New Zealand and some European countries.

Ehang did show off a fully built unit this morning at CES, and it’s promising to deliver a working unit for sale some time this year. But at this point we’re taking it all with a big grain of salt. It’s probably best to think of the Ehang 184 the same way we do a concept car, a prompt for exploring the delightful potential of a world in which you could hail a tiny helicopter as easily as an Uber.



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