Eight Game of Thrones Moments I Wish Would Happen (But Won’t)

So I have no idea what to expect from this next season of Game of Thrones as I haven’t read the books, so I figured I’d wildly speculate what might happen in the upcoming season.

Sure, everything I say has a zero percent chance of happening, but they would make for some awfully satisfying moments if the show decided to veer wildly off course for no reason.

This reminds me that I probably should be doing a marathon viewing of last season right now, because I’m going to forget about half of the giant cast’s names during the premiere this weekend.

As always, no book spoilers please. We’re all  just trying to enjoy ourselves here. And in that vein, below there are spoilers from season one.

1. Tyrion stabs Joffrey in the face in a fit of imp rage and puts his head on a pike where we get to see it every single episode.

That face. It infuriates.

2. Daenerys rides a dragon up north where she uses it to fry White Walkers. She may or may not fall in love with Jon Snow and they ride into the sunset on said dragon.

“Girl you need to lose about forty pounds before I’m flying you anywhere. “

3. Ned’s head lives on through White Walker magic, and he keeps giving people terrible advice on how best to deal with their enemies.

“You should always tell your enemy your plan to give them a sporting chance.”

4. Daenerys’s half-dragon lizard baby didn’t really die, and returns as a well-make-upped character later on.

Or something like this.

5. After Tyrion kills Joffrey, Cersei is sentenced to wear a helmet Man in the Iron Mask style so we don’t have to see that stupid look on her face anymore.

That’s the one! Stop it! Stop it right now!

6. Sansa punches Littlefinger in the little finger.

If anyone deserved it…

7. Through an incredibly unclear turn of events as half the main cast is slaughtered, Hodor is found to be the true successor to the throne.


8. King Aragorn comes riding in from the west with an army and the One Ring of Power on his finger.

Didn’t see THAT one coming, did you?

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