Elevate Your Art: How to Pick and Shoot Great Photography Subjects


Choosing inspirational or novel photography subjects can be a significant challenge for photographers of all skill levels. Crafting uniquely powerful images requires a heady amount of time, patience, and experience.

Fortunately, there are several photography topics and subject ideas you can explore to help you find a little inspiration. Focusing on a single subject matter might initially feel limiting, but it can help develop your niche and expand your creative vision.

Alternatively, experimenting with a variety of subjects might help you grow as a photographer and overcome personal fears. This article will explore several potential photography subject ideas. We’ll also reveal a few helpful tips and tricks!


Great Photography Subjects

The idea of a great photography subject is relatively subjective. Some photographers may find that they have a passion for landscape photography, while others may be more attracted to the idea of found item images.

The only way to know what works for you is by capturing as many subjects and topics as you can. Trying new things can be intimidating. But change is often healing, helpful, and entirely necessary.

Embrace your creative passions and expand your portfolio with these interesting photography subjects.



Photographing strangers might seem a little taboo or illegal. However, it is perfectly legal to take photographs of people when you’re in a public place. The idea of capturing strangers has fascinated many photographers, Richard Renaldi included.

The result of these occasionally sporadic or seemingly random snaps is a tapestry of human existence. During a time of global crisis, it’s especially important to maintain social distancing practices and personal protective safety.

However, it’s equally crucial to record these moments and capture the lives of the people who surround us. Even strangers have a story to tell, and you could create an image that speaks volumes.



Landscapes are a popular subject and it’s not hard to imagine why. Planet Earth is covered in all types of climates, vegetation, wildlife, and architecture. Photographers who enjoy taking landscape photographs often travel around the world to do so.

If you’re interested in seeing unique and distant sites while improving your photography skills, landscapes might be something to look into. Besides, who can say no to a gorgeous photograph of a foggy mountain or trickling stream?


Found Items

If you’ve ever walked down the street or the sidewalk and found a button, a random piece of jewelry, or a forgotten child’s toy, then you’ve experienced found items. Tons of manmade litter find its way into the environment each year.

By photographing these found items or bits of rubbish, you can spread awareness on this issue. And by collecting these random objects, you can start building a physical art installation that could also function as its own subject. Voila!



While you may feel disappointed by this suggestion, take a moment to let it sink in. You could photograph literally anything that you can see, touch, or create. Your bedroom carpeting might make for a perfect macro shot.

That latte that you ordered this morning could be an ideal food photograph. The only limits you experience when you take a camera into your hands are technical ones. Don’t be afraid to capture random things or silly things. Enjoy your images.


Photography Tips and Tricks

Becoming a more skillful and experienced photographer takes time and effort. You won’t get better at capturing your favorite subjects unless you practice. This means taking photos whenever possible, and as often as you possibly can.

However, quantity doesn’t immediately translate to quality. If you’re sincerely looking to improve your photography techniques, you’ll need to take plenty of snapshots and perform tons of experiments.

Don’t worry, these experiments don’t require a bunsen burner. Unless you plan on photographing one, of course.


Experiment With Exposure

Simply put, exposure influences an image’s brightness. Low-exposure photographs can appear very dark and shadowy. Alternatively, high-exposure images may appear bleached, washed-out, or overly lit.

Depending on your subject and preferred style, you may want to find a pleasant middle ground between these two extremes. Experimenting with exposure can help you find a brightness range or specific look that appeals to you.


Take a Closer Look

Sometimes, it pays to take a closer look at subjects. Macro photography is a branch of photography that specializes in up-close images of various items or organisms. A Nikon macro lens can help you obtain a clear and well-focused macro image.

A well-timed and executed macro session can result in photos that blur your perception of depth, size, and color. The best examples of macro photography are often images that challenge our perception of the world around us.

Macro photography can also illuminate the detailed intricacies of a once invisible, almost microscopic universe. What could be more inspirational?


Always Be Learning

There’s always room for improvement, even if you’ve been taking professional photographs for decades. One of the smartest things that any young photographer can do is realize that they’ll never be perfect or know everything about photography.

Once you understand and accept this truth, you can embrace the passion for lifelong learning. When you’re always on the lookout for new, emerging techniques or technologies, then you’re never far behind the best in the business.


Let Your Subject Be the Focus

Finally, it’s vital to let your subject be the focus of your photograph. It can be tempting to place subjects in front of loud or busy backgrounds in an attempt to add color or texture to an image. However, this can go very badly.

Instead, it may be better to start your subject-heavy work by maintaining a high focus on your subject. Photographs subjects against bland, single-color backgrounds if possible. Doing so will allow your object, landscape, or individual pop in the image.


Capture Your Subjects Beautifully

The photography subjects mentioned here are only a minute sample of the total number of potential photography topics and subjects. We hope that conveyed this massive scope when we mentioned our favorite photography subject: Anything.

Capturing your subjects begins with choosing them. However, photographers of all skill levels and backgrounds can adopt new tricks of the trade to improve their techniques. It’s crucial to always be learning something new, even if it’s scary.

When you allow you subject to be the focus of your image, you’re allowing it to speak for itself. In this way, you can also express your own unique inner voice with your photographs.

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