Japanese Company To Build an Elevator From Earth to Space

Elevator From Earth to Space

 Imagine stepping into an elevator, pressing the “Space” button and sometime later, floating in space!!. How cool would that be? This might sound madness now but glad fully, one Japanese company is ready to put money on this idea. This capability of providing a direct lift to space will open new avenues of research for scientists, NASA projects or even entertainment for public!

A Japanese company is now prepping to build the elevator to space and will be completed by 2050. Japan’s Obayashi Corporation thinks that NASA is not moving fast enough so they plan to take the responsibility of do the next big thing in space research. However, the feasibility of the plan and the current technological capabilities of the company are still not disclosed. The total length of the elevator will be 22000 miles and will connect earth to a space station. The ground station on earth and the space station will be connected together through a cable. The space station will also act like an orbital counterweight to hold the cable up.

Elevator From Earth to Space

The elevator will carry about thirty people and it will take eight days to reach the space station. During the journey, passengers will gradually, with every day, feel like losing weight and flying in the sky. The elevator will go up to a maximum speed of 125 miles per hour. According to Obayashi, the elevator cable will be made using carbon nanotubes.

The project sounds like fiction but in just 30 to 35 years, this huge trillion dollar project will be completed. There will be a lot of technological changeless along the way so lets hope for the best and see what comes out of this project. It will be amazing to have such project in existence and we are looking forward to take this ride in our life time.

Michio Kaku on the space elevator

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