Eleven Videos that Will Make You Think Twice About Sending Stuff in the Mail.

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With tons of modern ways to communicate like email, texting, and social media, the mail system is increasingly falling out of favor. Here are ten videos that will make you think twice about sending stuff in the mail. If you’re worried about a fragile package you just sent, these videos are not going to inspire confidence in you.

Bad Mailman Drivers

There is just as high a proportion of bad drivers among mailmen as there is among all drivers. The most surprising part of this video is just how many backwards donuts this runaway postal truck is able to do without running into anything.

It’s rare that your car goes for a joyride of its own, but this mail truck ran away from its driver at a gas station and taps a pump.

This postal worker simply drives up over the man’s lawn and parks right next to the front stoop to deliver a package to the house.


FedEx got creative with this one. Perhaps there wasn’t enough room in the truck so they went with the push the box with the truck method…

Throwing Packages

I’m pretty sure those packages were not addressed to someone who lives at the bottom of that ravine.

This mailman liberally sprinkles the parking lot with packages and chucks the rest into the back of his truck.

This delivery man hurls a computer monitor over the fence and it was unfortunately busted. The homeowner said he was actually home at the time.

With this postal carrier, finding your packages is more like an Easter egg hunt, because they just gently toss it somewhere in your yard, because getting it up to the front door would just be too much effort and their throwing arm isn’t that good.

This business ordered a lot of packages. That must have been what frustrated this FedEx employee. You would think that he would be happy about this delivery because it means less stops in his trip? But you can watch as he tosses boxes and equipment like trash into a huge mess on the street.

This one doesn’t need too many words because it really speaks for itself. He can’t even toss a package right. Extra points for texting on the job.

Stealing Packages

This video shows a delivery man successfully delivering his package, but then he takes the extra step of helping himself to another package on this house’s front porch.

Obviously, there are plenty of buffoons in the shipping industry that don’t have any respect for your stuff. Next time you’ve got an important order, consider trusting it with a smaller shipping business like Pack-All International.

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